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Annual since the year 2000 the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany celebrates annually a winter event of several weeks on the premises of the VW theme park. For this event the 125 metres high chimneys of the landmarked power plant are illuminated in saturated red, symbolising huge candles. For the façade illumination the client trusts in the experience and know-how of the lighting specialist AO Lighting. Additionally to the façade illumination searchlights are used to set accentuation by light above the premises of the Autostadt.

In the year 2001 the lighting designer Max Wehberg contacted the lighting specialist with the special wish not only to illuminate the four chimneys of the VW plant in red but also, as a special highlight, to install four candle flames illuminated in yellow on the top of the chimneys.



Far-reaching floodlights for a homogeneous XXL façade illumination
High radiation intensity and colour brilliance
Skilled high climbers for installing the candle tops at a height of 125 metres
Wireless control of the fixtures
High weather resistance
Construction and installation of the candle domes
Short-term lead time of only four weeks



The project with the candle domes was realized by AO Lighting as general contractor within the short-term lead time of only four weeks. Under the general direction of Marco Niedermeier, a team of structural designers and engineers designed the most gigantic candles of the world.
On twelve special transporters the parts of the candles arrived at the VW plant in Wolfsburg where an eighty man team was ready to assemble the candle tops. Special cranes, scaffolds and heavy implements were required for mounting the steel candles and the fixing of special rope light at the steel construction. The four candles were about 15 meters high and had a total weight of 30 tons. With the assistance of a special helicopter they were mounted on the four chimney tops. On time for the first advent the first huge advent candle blazed with its candle flame above the rooftops of the VW Autostadt.
Architectural floodlights of the FALCON Range were used for the façade illumination of the chimneys. FALCON xenon searchlights set highlights above the rooftops of the car park.

All searchlights were controlled automatically by a central e:cue lighting control desk. The networking of the fixtures occurs by wireless DMX radio links. This enables a synchronized control of all searchlights with only one single transmitter.


Approximately 50.000 visitors come annually to the coveted winter event on the premises of the Autostadt. This permanent institution at Christmas time in Wolfsburg achieves each year a huge worldwide media coverage.

Since 2015 the Autostadt has scaled new heights with its illumination by using sustainable plasma technology made by AO Technology to light up the iconic chimneys.



Autostadt (Christian Kiel, TIM/Director TEM, Autostadt’s Events Management Technical Director), Designer Max Wehberg)



Manfred Voss, OSRAM



VW Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany